Saturday, April 28, 2012

A long time ago, I went to counseling at the church and met the Pastor's wife. She wrote me on facebook about a friend who's grandfather needs care and thought of me. I said they could contact me and I would talk to them.

I have played around with doing private care giving but never done it. The chances never come up when I am lacking hours. I spoke to the grand daughter and they need round the clock care. It's also a situation that will sooner or later need hospice.

Before knowing the details, my husband said maybe he even could do it. I played around in my head of the idea that we could both take on this person here and there. I didn't know what extent of care the person would need.

After talking to her and hearing about the grandfather I had to promote and encourage they use an agency. For me personally, I can't quit an agency for private person who is gonna die. Also, I can't take the risks of taking care of him. I need my company to have my back.

I think private could be a way to go if you just need a few hours here and there but not for around the clock care.. .. I would go agency all the way. I felt bad because I want to help them but the risks are too high for me.

The sad part about it all and I hope my company never reads this that not everyone can afford to go with an agency. I have had clients tell me "you don't come cheap" lol and it's true. They pay a pretty penny to have caregivers that work for an agency compared to private. I suppose it's one of those things you get what you pay for type of things.

To tell the truth.. I don't want to work anymore than I do. I am happy with the amount of hours I work. I would be cheating myself and my family if I took an another client on my days off.

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