Sunday, July 31, 2011

I was at my local pool that is ran by our park district. I was there all alone cause my kids were with their Dad. I really enjoy going on my own. Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with them at the pool but my oldest has to play games and be physically rough so it's normal to come home with bruises.

This is the second time this summer that I went on my own when they were not with me. I noticed a lot of children with parents of different ethic backgrounds than themselves. Today, one Mom had four black children with her. I seen plenty of other examples of children with parents that looked like they were not born to them or maybe they had an husband or wife of another race. In some cases, if I wasn't near them, I wouldn't know if they were the Mom or Dad or babysitter of the children.

I have a couple reasons for writing this post and it's coming from the fact that I know parents that adopt children of another race tend to get a lot of questions coming from people they don't know. My thoughts on this and what I been seeing.

Any thoughts on why people ask these questions about race and why some people like me don't say a darn thing or than hello or smile at them because they are adorable children?

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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Several years ago, maybe about ten years ago, after I knew I was done having children my husband at the time got me a necklace of birthstone children for me.

There was the months of Sept, Nov and March. Two boy children and one girl child.

There was only one problem. Very few people in my life knew I had a daughter. When people asked me about the necklace I would stutter and wasn't sure what to say. I told my oldest son that the girl child was for me. Even though, my birthday is in may. What difference did it make. He wasn't old enough to know the difference. My youngest son was way too young to even question me.

Every time, I stuttered cause I didn't know what to say or told my son that the girl kid was for me. I felt shame. I felt like how could a person deny that her daughter was even born. Then, more shame and I would feel bad about myself.

Instead of the necklace being pretty and me wearing it with pride. I would find myself wanting to hide it. I was hiding in shame. I don't recall what happened to the necklace. It was probably lost or something.

I recalled my husband ordering me a mother's day ring and it broke and we sent it back and never requested another one. I guess I feared the same thing. How can I show three stones and only have two children?

Having a necklace or a ring without her stone wouldn't work either. It wouldn't feel complete without hers but at the same time I felt torture with hers too.

I have been driving around another necklace more like a chain with three charms that display pictures of kids with their names on it. It's not something that most people would wear. The chain is basically made of the same beads one might find nail clippers on just to give you an idea. Having this chain and charms in my car was less scary than wearing something. At this point, most people who would be in my car would know about my daughter.

Well, except for my youngest son. He didn't really learn about Izzy until a couple years ago. I guess I just banked on that he probably couldn't read it from the back. Risky behavior I know.

I am reminded of these thoughts because I put four rings on layaway because they were on sale. They are birthstone rings. I have thought about having a Mom's ring made but something won't let me. Almost, like I don't deserve to carry her stone in a ring that says Mom. However, I did get rings of the month that all my children were born plus I splurged with the month I was born.

I can't promise that when others ask or talk about my rings that I won't have any moments of shame or not quite sure what to say. The majority of people that really know already know about my daughter, but that still leaves quite a few people who just know bits and pieces of my life. I am thinking they won't as much of a question starting thing because they don't scream out children quite like the charms of a necklace and a Mom's ring would.

I wore my sons rings today. I just picked them up today. Even though, they are not with me because they are with their Dad. I didn't want my sons to think that I love my daughter more than them. I could see how they could think that because I never get on my daughter about things that I get on my sons about.

Well, I just thought I would share this with you all. It was a memory trigger for me. I don't know if I will ever feel 100% at ease talking about my daughter, adoption and how she is my daughter but I am not her Mom. I don't think I will ever be okay not knowing for sure where she fits in my life. I don't think I am convince myself or others that she is in it to stay.

Friday, July 29, 2011

My ex husband has been wanting to talk in person for a while now but since it seemed like he wanted to talk about our household rules I said that we would only talk in person if all the adults were present to talk. We finally picked a date and tomorrow we are all meeting up to talk. I am getting the impression that there is a lot of fighting going on there and I am very curious to see what they have to say about our rules and what else is going on there.If you ask me something fishy is going on.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Follow up on the post about too much snacking

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Laurel gave us an idea that she seen from the Nanny show and we have only been doing it for a few days now. We talked about the idea for a day or two before we went out and got this handy dandy box. We didn't go with the idea of a snack cabinet because for right now we think it's better that he has a snack box that is his to carry around or not.

I am keeping the snacks that don't need to be in the fridge in our room to avoid the temptation for right now. This also helps for when my oldest son is here because he tends to help himself to snacks and sometimes thinks he is above his brother in the food department because his metabolism seems to be faster.

Our rule is that he must choose one fruit or veggie to go in the box. If it needs to be in the refrigerator then he puts it in there but he knows it's his. We are doing three snacks a day and want most snacks to be 100 calories or less. If he wants to choose something like a dixie cup of ice cream or something else cold then we will sort of right a ticket it for it and he can turn it in for exchange of the item.

We are letting him decide when to eat the snacks but we are trying to encourage a snack between each meal instead of more than one between each meal.

This isn't perfect. He still has gotten majorly upset when his snacks were gone but for the most part this is making these less stressful around here. It has cut the asking for food down quite a bit.

I am giving a big Thanks to Laurel. You can check out her blog here. She is one of the first adoptees that I connected with through blogging. Thank you Laurel for this suggestion. It was a lifesaver for our family.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I like to bring my kids with me when I volunteer for MELD. I like to open their eyes to helping others and it's not always about number one me. Twice in a row, I have had my oldest son with me and he is begging to get fixed! :) So, maybe it's great birth control for him!

Our wild child came back and his Mom knows he is wild cause she said I brought the devil. Those were her words not mine. I rather say wild child. She hadn't brought him for a couple weeks and it goes much smoother without him there. He can be a nice little boy but just acts out way too much.

We haven't been having the average of 7 kids lately. We been having maybe four or five kids and it's a little easier. We did have one Mom that brought a young baby without a diaper bag. We can handle the diapers and wipes if they need it but we don't have spare bottles and formulas hanging around. He cried most of the time and finally I had to get her and she said she didn't have a bottle but he had just ate. I think mostly he was tired and wanted Mom. Cause when she walked back to the daycare with him and set him down to play he was okay and she sneaked out.

I brought the clothes for the little boy but I didn't see him Mom or the baby, but I asked another Mom was she there and she said yes. So, I had her take the clothes to the Mom. I hope she likes them.

I also bought a grocery bag for of girl clothes from cleaning out my doll clothes which are real baby clothes. One of the babies looked like she could wear them and I told the Mom she could take them. She basically said her daughter had enough clothes but thank you. Then, she kind of looked through them and said they weren't the right size. I checked the sizes and compared them to what she was wearing. So, I kind of felt like she was putting her nose up in the air and the clothes were not good enough for daughter.

It's moments of forgotten diaper bags and situations where I feel like what I do isn't appreciated makes me wonder if it's time to call it quits. I been at it for over a year now. I think I am on my 6th ten week session.

It's the sweet moments of cuddling with a baby or helping a toddler put on clean clothes cause she pee'd herself which happen to be clothes that I brought to donate and the little girl who used to cry kept saying. I sorry. I sorry. It's moments like those that will keep me going for now.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Giving till it hurts

Tomorrow, is my volunteer night with MELD. Last week, we had three volunteers to one child and the one that I bought the clothes for wasn't there. I am hoping it's back to normal and I can give him his clothes.
Last week, I ended up so broke that honestly Thursday on the way home from work if my check didn't do it's normal thing, I probably would have ran out of gas in my car. It's moments of being really broke that gets me wondering why am I buying baby clothes and I am so broke. That ten dollars could have gone a long way in my car. Well, not a long way since gas is so high but it wouldn't of had me checking my bank account balance so I knew if I could get gas or not.
Well, anyways, as much as it stinks being broke. I know I am not going to change my habits. If I see a need then I will provide to the best of my ability for those children. I don't care if I can't afford to take my kids out to dinner or run a little short on cash it's just what I am going to do.
I don't mean this by saying that I am always buying for MELD and not providing for my kids because I won't put their needs before our needs. However, there are times that I will put their needs above our wants. I won't do that 100% of the time because I am human.
I still have the urge to try to buy more clothes for this little boy. The desire to give is so strong in me and sometimes I feel like I have to smack my own hand and say enough is enough. I just have to keep Aug in mind and with Aug brings back to school times.

However, with all that being said, I have collected so many real baby clothes for my fake baby dolls that it's not even fun anymore. I don't even have a sock and underwear drawer. I have a baby doll drawer. So, I think I am going to weed out the clothes and donate some of them to MELD.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Does anyone know why one of my sunflowers has mulitiple heads and all the rest just have one?

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MTV Adoption special

I don't have a lot to say about it but I have two things.

They talked about the different kinds of adoption.

Open } Where all names and address are exchanged. Communiction usually done without a middle party and I don't recall if they talked about visits or not.

Semi open} There isn't a full disclosure on last names. Umm I mean of the adoptive couples last name. Communication is mostly done using a 3rd party.

Closed adoption } Closed as in no contact and no names and kiss your baby goodbye... who knows if you will ever see them again. No offence to anyone. I am making fun at the show and not the pain of adoption.

When they talked about adoption on this show they failed to mention one very important fact about Open and Semi adoption. Open and Semi adoption and all agreements said to each other isn't legally binding in the majority of states.

My other thoughts is when it comes to Ashley and her pain and loss over adoption and Catelynn and her feelings and her story of what she is doing to promote adoption.

I felt like they when they were telling Ashley to move forward what she probably hears it GET OVER IT. I also felt like they were trying to show that a very open adoption isn't good for the adoptive parents, the birthmom or the child.

I thought maybe they are trying to use Catelynn as one of the Happy birthmoms and use her to preach adoption to others.

I also want to know why is MTV so interested in adoption all of a sudden? Is there a shortage on babies available for adoption and the adoption agency mentioned gives them a cut from the adoptions.

They mentioned rude people suggesting that they were paid to do adoption. I don't think they were paid to do adoption but I know they were paid to do the show just as the Mom's who are raising their babies from the show. However, MTV isn't fooling me that they are looking for young Mom's to be open to adoption and that makes them a likely candidate for the show compared to just another young teen deciding to be a parent.

And I liked about just the two things. I couldn't stop at two. But now you know how I feel about MTV.

P. S. I think Catelynn is a pretty girl but what is up with that hair??

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oral Fixation???

My youngest son is 11 years old and has a DX of autism. Some people don't agree with it. Some just want to say he was/is developmental delayed or low intelligence or ADHD.

My son has had sensory issues which the majority of them he has either overcome or just deals with it somehow.

We have a major issue of overeating. He eats like he is a starved child. He gets all worked up over wasted food like the food police are going to knock our door down and take us away for wasting it. My son has never went hungry or been not allowed to eat a meal.

My current husband has weird eating habits. He tends not to eat three meals a day and more so or often one of his meals includes a stack full of cookies which he call his. I never used to always have cookies and if we did have treats they were never one persons or another persons food. We are a family and I just don't agree with his line of thinking.

I only mentioned this because I wonder if my husband habits are making our problem worse. But for the information my husband has been with me since 2006 so my youngest son doesn't remember anything different.

Back to my son. Besides overeating at meals if you let him. He asked for food non stop. It seems to be when he is board but at an event for autism while he was jumping in a bouncy house he is asking for his popcorn. It's like he has a one track mind.

The reason I am wondering about oral fixation because I have seen my son spend twenty minutes taking tiny tiny bite out of a vitamin and today I seen him take ten minutes to eat a gummy worm. We only had a few so he was only given a couple of them.

I read up a little online about oral fixation and I seen a lot of kids chew their clothes or other weird items. My son doesn't do that. We are against gum chewing because of the mess of it.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do? We have cut him down to drinking mostly water and milk so he don't drink his calories. We try very hard to include veggies in our meals and keep fruit on hand.

This is causing my husband and me to fight. I believe it's a reason to be concerned and try to find a solution but I don't think it's a reason to go around bitching and making it bigger than what it is.
My husband actually suggest that we sit my son down with breakfast, lunch and dinner and a bunch of snacks and just let him eat. I got overly mad at him and basically told him he was being ignorant. I went even as far as to tell him to get out of my house. I think that is the craziest thing to suggest or even say I feel like doing this.

I admit that I don't have the answers to our problem but to suggest something so crazy just tells me he is being stupid and not caring about my son.

I have thought about using some PECS ( a picture exchange device) to help him understand using up his meals and snacks for the day but I fear that I will either make it not detail enough or too detail. My son sees things different and it could cause some melt downs if I allow five fruits a day and we run out of fruit. Or if I have one desert a day and we don't have any. Or if I use times for snack and we are not home.

Just for the record. My son had a thyroid test and that came back fine. He just recently had a blood sugar test done and we haven't heard anything but it's not been very many days. Also, my son has allergies and asthma and is medicated for them.

This overeating has been a problem for a couple years now but is getting worse. The doc is concerned but agrees that overall he is in pretty good shape. Plus, he is tall and agrees that he maybe a hungry boy and says it's okay to snack between meals and of course the more active he is the more he can consume.

Any advice???

Answer to in home care

I hope you don't mind me doing a blog post about your comment.

I think there are a very few important decisions to make before a person goes in for a hip replacement. I think the biggest thing to know is that most in home care aids are not medical. If you will need therapy to help you recover that is something that health care aids will not be allowed to do.
So, to recover at home, in addition to having some in home care help you will need therapy workers to come to you or you may go to them. However, I admit that I don't know what goes into a hip replacement and how mobile a person is afterwards.

If your leaning towards staying home to recover and the in home aids can meet your needs I would suggest checking out all the companies in your area. Some companies will send caregivers on a little drive to get to you. Plus, sometimes, caregivers may work outside of one office even though they don't live super close to it. All caregivers for my company has to take clients within 20 miles but anymore than that we can choose to take the hours.

My company will accept clients needing care for two hours but they don't go any less than that. If it's a long drive most caregivers are going to insist on longer shifts to make it worth the gas.

The reason why I mentioned that we can't clean for hours because literally there isn't that much work to always be done but in order to be there for when the clients do need us there for something we will have time that the caregiver doesn't have anything to do.

However, there is more light housekeeping that caregivers can do. If all the stuff like housework is done and if it's safe for us to leave the clients home alone. We can run errands like grocery shopping for you. If you have an appointment we can take you. If you have social plans we can take you. Well, my company insist on us having a car. I can't speak for all companies.

Caregivers can also watch tv with you. They can play a board game or cards with you. We can read the newspaper and talk about it. We can prepare meals or some other yummy treat to eat. Most caregivers can even see to the needs of your pets.

You mentioned the rate and I don't recall what it was but a big thing in what you expect from a caregiver coming from a caregiver is for you to understand that if they work for a agency they are probably getting less than half of that rate. I don't mean to say that they shouldn't do this or that cause they are going less than what your paying but don't go in with the attitude I am paying you X amount of dollars now scrub my floors I am getting my money's worth from you.

A quick story, I was working a few hours at this one elderly couples house and in between doing the housework the wife wanted to chit chat and companionship is part of my job and is what is expected from me from my company. The husband told me, I am not paying X amount of dollars for you to talk to my wife. He was treating me poorly because I think he was bitter about the cost.

Lastly, if you staying home with help is possible for you with in home aids then I would try to stay home. I would look into is there family that can take turns helping you. Or, any friends? Or do you belong to a church and can get a little help that way? I know some people hire private caregivers but that can be very risky. I have thought about going private but the risk is just too great for me.

I hope I was able to be some help to you and I wish you the best with your upcoming surgery and recovery.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Today, I stopped at the good will with the plan to buy the baby boy I mentioned a few things. At first, I had two items but I just couldn't stop there. I bought him three outfits that are only one piece. Two out of the three, you can add shorts to it if you want. I got him a pair of pants just because they were half off. One pair of army shorts and two tshirts. I went with the one piece outfits because they are cheaper.
I spent more than I can really afford because I have to start saving for school stuff come the end of August for my son, but I figure that can wait another day.
I really form an attachment to babies and even their Mom's. I really have come to care about them so much and I have such a good time taking care of them. I hope when I give the Mom's clothes for their babies that they know it's coming from love and not from pity or judgement.

I really admire them for taking the steps to improve their lives and provide a good life for their children. I only wish I could do more for MELD but I can't and that's okay because I know that I am not the only one that is pulling for these young families.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Are there any other divorced Mom's like me that has one or more children living with the other parent? I have blogged about how one son lives with his Dad and the other one with me. It's a situation that I would never suggest anyone do. Never raise two or more kids in different homes because of divorce. I am not talking about adoption just divorce and assuming they have the same Mom and Dad.

It just causes a lot of conflict and I think jealousy and sadness for me. It's almost like I can't just totally enjoy a moment in time because I think how come Alex isn't with me and when I hear that Alex and his Dad did something fun we kind of think how come they didn't invite Stephen.

But that's not quite the point of my post here.

My oldest son Alex has been always having excuses on why he doesn't want to come over on his weekend to be with us. It usually has something to do with his friends are doing this or he has been invited to this and he doesn't want to miss it. I have told my son to feel free to ask if he wants to do something but he has taken it to the next level with almost always asking or telling me he wants to do this instead of coming over.

I am trying not to take it personal but it's hard. I know our house isn't the coolest place to be. We don't have cable tv. We don't let kids spend hours on the computer. We don't let them spend hours in the living room choose the tv station or movie. We do have netflix. It doesn't mean that we don't do things just not as a constant entertainment for them.

We kind of expect the kids to read books, go outside and they even can hang out in their room at times. We hope they have friends to play with. Alex hasn't quite figured out what to do here even though we have lived her for 4 years now.

I really miss my son. He isn't in the same city. It's not far but about a 20 to 25 minute drive and it's not like I can spend a few minutes in the car and go get him for a few hours. With gas being at almost 4 dollars a gallon I have a hard time justifying that.

Anyone out there with children that come over on weekends? Is there a magic age where the child stops coming over to sleep? I think I was about 17 years of age when I quit going to my Dad's. Is it time to say goodbye to the every other weekend? I can live with that if I know he will still make the effort to come over at other times. Also, basically keep in touch. I told my ex that I wanted Alex to get dropped off on Sunday night when he drops off our other son. I can try to be flexible but I kind of feel like am I suppose to put my life on hold wondering if he is coming or not? I don't want to beg just to get my own kid to come over.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Will work for food! Send treats asap before I eat my Mommy's fish!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I just discovered a new blog written here. She is raising a daughter and choose adoption for her son so she is a new birthmom. She is looking to seek comfort, support and friendship with other women who have a similar experience of parenting older children and then placing a baby for adoption.
If you can relate or know someone who can send them over to her blog and there you can find her email address.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In home care

My main job is providing in-home non medical care to the elderly. I been with the same company for almost five years. I like my job but it has it's moments. When we get a new client it's actually quite scary because we never know what we are going to be walking into.

We have to learn the new clients house. We have to deal with how they like the temperature of their house and even that means being overly hot or cold. We have to learn the needs and wishes of the new client.

My company and myself included make the most money if they can secure a client that needs care 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

That is what happened this week. A client signed up for round the clock care and without a lot of notice my company rounded up employees to fill the shifts for this care.

I am writing this post because taking on this new client this week has reminded me of how it's not an easy task to just walk into someone home and start being the caregiver.

In a lot of cases most the person isn't used to having someone in their home at all times and don't expect them to just jump in and know everything or feel comfortable taking the move to start doing everything. I think the client wouldn't want the new people in their life to suddenly start roaming all over their house doing things. I am not saying that the employee has an excuse not to do things but don't expect them to come in and have everything running smoothly the minute care comes in.

Also, if you have 24/7 care, don't expect that the employee is going to be cleaning the majority of the time. The elderly are not that dirty so there just isn't going to be that much cleaning to be done. And if a job requirement is light housekeeping that doesn't include cleaning the basement, the attic. Also, your not going to get shoveling besides a basic walkway and your won't get caregivers mowing the lawn or doing serious weeding.

I guess my biggest advice would be patient and to communicate as much as possible with the company and the caregivers. If we say we are not allowed to do something because it's against our companies policy because it's medical that includes your family too. Also, just remember that your family members and the caregivers have to adjust and if given time it can most likely be a pleasant experience for everyone.

Lastly, if you or a loved one need care for a few hours a day to all day long don't be afraid or ashamed to seek outside help.

I thought of one more thing to add about adding in come care and especially if it's 24/7 Expect to see many different caregivers in the very beginning. We all haven't been sitting around waiting and suddenly available. Hopefully, the majority of us have other clients that we get some hours from.

If you continue with the 24/7 care hopefully the amount of caregivers coming and going will decrease and you might even notice a pattern with the rotating shifts. I know a lot of the people would rather see the same person as much as possible but sometimes it just won't work out.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Tonight, I volunteered for MELD. Last week, I had a break because of the 4TH of July. My little sister is on vacation but I have another young lady helping me. We had five children. One was four, the rest were under one years of age and we even had a newborn.

I hate to say it but without the five year old there it's so much easier to control the children.

Well, anyways, one of the children has twice come in wearing shorts that won't button. Is there anyone who would want to donate to MELD using my donate button to help me buy him a few new outfits or is there anyone who has some gently used 12 month to 18 month boy clothes that they could send?

P. S. Please don't feel any pressure. I understand that sometimes their just isn't extra to spare.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today was kind of a big day in adoption reunion land for my family. Maybe, the feeling that I am feeling is that it seemed a little more normal and not so much about adoption. It can be hard to find the normal in life when adoption loss is surrounding the family relationships.
I try not to blog too much about reunion on here so I will have to work on updating my private blog for those that read it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dont hate me cause I am beautiful!

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Monday, July 4, 2011

A few days ago, I got a message on Facebook asking me if I was Alex's Mom. I knew right away who it was. It was a friend of mine that I actually met a very long time ago in a chat room. We met up in person and had a friendship. Our friendship extended to our children being friends and so forth.

It really had been a long time since we lost contact with each other. So, long that I am no longer married to the same husband but married to someone else. So, long that, I am about 95% sure that I never even told her that I had a daughter. That would have been way before I was open to talking about being a birthmom. Plus, many of our get togethers were while we had children with us.

I believe the last time I have seen her was around her 3rd child's first birthday. That child is seven now.

We been communicating on facebook for the last few days and in a way it's like we never lost contact. However, I been trying to remember why we lost contact. Also, trying to decide what do I want out of this renewed friendship.

I think I remember her getting to become not a very reliable person. What I mean is that I don't recall her making a whole lot of effort in being friends. I have never been one to hold onto friends if I didn't think it was working for me. Even in middle school, when I didn't have friends there were times that I would accept being without friends than accepting the geeks or dealing with people that I just realized that I don't like.

Funny story coming here. I was in seventh grade and I became friends with this one girl and after hanging out with her day in and day out. I just didn't like her and didn't want to be around her. Not being very mature. I told my older sister that so and so said your a slut and a bitch! Well, that made my sister very ticked off and my sister was waiting to beat her up the next day when she followed me home. I didn't like the girl but I didn't want to see her get beat up. I had to fess up and tell my sister that I lied that I just didn't like her anymore.

One of the things this old/new friend said today reminded me of how I am so different. She said, she quit going to the Y because she didn't have anyone to go with. I know other people who will avoid doing something because they don't have anyone.

I almost started feeling down because I don't have my kids for the 4TH of July but then I turned it around and I went to the local pool. I was there for about 4 or so hours. I was able to swim and rest in peace. I was able to lay out on the chairs in peace. Sure, I kind of feel guilty for enjoying myself at the pool without my kids but I realized that I don't need other people to be happy. I can be just as happy on my own. That doesn't mean that I don't want friends and don't enjoy their company. I just think it's cause I can be okay with just me.

Inconceivable by Carolyn and Sean Savage

I been wanting to read this book for a while now and I was able to get it from the library last week. I don't like to buy books because if it's a good one and if time allows me I can zip through them so fast.

My husband and I had talked about this situation before we ever even heard of this story of this book. The case is of a mistaken IVF transfer wasn't what we talked about.

It was more about is the loss of the baby from a birthmother felt because the baby is genetically hers or because she carried the baby for nine months. We have wondered how women who agree to be a surrogate feels about carrying the baby, giving birth and then handing it over to the DNA parents. Is it easier because they go the whole situation knowing that they baby they are carrying belongs to someone else.

Carolyn got pregnant because she wanted another member in her family and very early on they learn that the baby isn't theirs. She can choose to abort the pregnancy or carry the child to full term. However, she is told she can't keep the baby. I think they made an selfless decision and it's such a sad story. I say that because they attached to the baby and mourned his loss very closely to what a birthmother's may go through.

One thing that I think is different is that when a woman and man have sex and get pregnant in most cases they made a choice to not be careful or something went bad when it came to birth control. So, in a lot of cases of birthmom's there is some fault in the fact that the pregnancy occurred before she was ready for a baby. It's different in this story because it was a medical mistake. Someone did it to them. Also, they were ready and wanting to bring a baby into their home.

Well, I rambled on long enough. It's a pretty good book and I suggest it to others to read.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just kicking back rubbing my new cat's Bella's tummy!

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