Tuesday, April 3, 2012

email follow up

I got an email from the man that runs the groups and gets the volunteers. My email wasn't very well received. He took my request for saying I only wanted to come biweekly due to working full time to I will take your name off the volunteer list.

He took my suggestions and said they were appreciated but still basically told me to bug off. I am pretty upset. I been volunteering for them for two years and I have seen a lot of good Mom's drop their children off and I have seen Mom's drop their children off without bottles, formula and bottles. I offered money up to help get them do a contest of some sort for bringing the children with the supplies.

He said employment is more important and he appreciates my volunteering. He doesn't realize that I am off Monday nights for MELD. I have turned down hours/income to honor my agreement to provide childcare for them. I feel like I am being shoved away because I am sort of pointing out that there way isn't working. I also feel like I am being pushed aside because I am not being quiet when babies are left in a wet diaper or cry cause they are hungry and there is no bottle for them.

I am going to sit on this for a day or two before I write him back because I don't want to write when I am mad. But I will probably write him and let him know what I think of all of this.

I am kind of thinking that maybe at this point it is best that I call it quits with MELD. I might still donate clothes here and there but it might be the extent of it.

I really like the idea behind MELD but I think they are getting too caught up in the "feel good actions" and treating the Mom's group as more as a social meeting place to come get dinner and a break from their children.

The driver who they make stay in the daycare as been nice for the most part but is lazy. He says almost on most Monday's that he doesn't "feel good" and shouldn't get too close to the kids. He has been told to help out when our hands are full. He has told me that he wanted black volunteers because maybe the children are not around white people.

Ok I am done ranting for now.

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Leah said...

I'm sorry about this MELD situation. I think your suggestions were great, and that you had every reason to voice them. I'm sorry they fell on deaf ears.