Sunday, April 1, 2012

I been workout out twice to three times weekly at the Y. I take about one walk a week and been trying to use my weight machines about once a week. I am thinking of trying to do more than just elliptical, treadmill, video bike, swimming at the Y. Don't worry, I don't normally do them all. It's normal for me to do at least two of the cardio machines and sometimes I swim.

I am thinking about trying a low impact aerobics class, zumba and a water class. I am a little afraid of Zumba. I don't want to hurt myself. I used to do aerobics class and a step class years ago. I lost my Y membership when my first husband left me.

Today, I haven't workout at all. I wonder if anyone else gets the way I feel. I feel like it's almost just driving me crazy not to do anything at all. Like it hurts to just do nothing.

Tomorrow, I am going out with my friend to the mall and I am sure we will get some walking around in there but also having lunch. I am trying to figure out how I will get a workout in and also volunteer for MELD. I agreed to come back to MELD for the next session but I never really said weekly or biweekly. There was only one volunteer besides me so I don't know if they don't have enough help this time around again.

I also fear running all day and getting burned out. I am down 15 lbs but don't quite remember when I started using myfitnesspal on my phone. I don't know why I feel so tense without the exercise. I don't want to ignore my family for the sake of getting a workout in everyday plus working. The best thing that I can come up with is that it helps with my stress level.

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