Saturday, April 21, 2012

Job searching

I told Alex a couple days ahead of time that on Friday I would take him job hunting so to think of where he would like to go.

We woke him up about 9 am and got him rolling. Trust me, he wasn't happy. We were talking and he didn't want any part of it. I really do get it thought cause the poor boy had just gotten out of bed.

We went to a little shopping center closest to us and we checked on some places he has applied at and looked into places that I thought might be a place to try. He is having some issues with some jobs only hiring 18 and older.

We went to the next shopping center and checked out some more places that he could apply. Since my son doesn't drive and will be walking or taking the bus.. I think it's best if our search starts close by.

Most jobs they say apply online which is new to me. I have never gotten a job that way. I think a big part of getting a job is making an appearance and I remember being taught that when you show your face and they look up your ap that it brings it to the top. I guess this can't work that way with online. He did get on ap for a pizza joint that said they are always hiring. Not the one that fired my husband lol

We went to the library and he updated a couple of his aps and applied for a couple of the jobs in the shopping center. I suggested he get a notebook and keep notes for his job search. Such as dates he has applied and any other information such as log on information. I think that could be very useful.

I took him to lunch so hopefully the next time I say I plan on taking him out he has more of a plan. I think it's easy to forget that teens never had a job so don't know how to search and how to talk to people. I was telling him tell them I see your hiring.. what kind of hours are you looking for? At this certain place he had to be 18 but I figure it's good practice either way.

We have also talked to him about college and we could apply to see what grants and what not that we may qualify for him to go to school. I told him we have to act fast to get him into fall classes. I am willing to guide him but I can't make him want to go.

One of the things my husband is telling me and I agree is that he doesn't want a room mate. Meaning someone that is running around and comes in mainly to eat and one that doesn't pay rent.

My husband went to my youngest sons school and the police are having a police camp thing. I can't remember what they call it but my son is being told that he has to go to it if he doesn't have a job. Basically, it's in June and it's about 7 hours a day Monday thru Friday and they get dinner. Alex has been told if he has a job then he wouldn't have to go.

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