Sunday, October 9, 2016

Blow and throw league!!

My blow and throw league finished up tonight!! I learned last week at the beginning of the night we were in first place by one game!! Talk about pressure to do well.. I could literally cost my dart partner money if I can't do my thing... we fought for as many games as possible and we still had first place by one game..

So tonight... we played out final league night and we are not playing the people that are in second by one game but they are next to me so I am watching their games towards the end.. it was such a close call. I left before they were finished but it was looking like it could be a tie..

But!~!!! we won first place!!! I was so excited when I learned this.. I love the game. I love fighting for the win!! I love winning!!! It never dawned on me that we would pull first place. Our team name is just for fun! Well, maybe just doing it for fun is what it takes sometimes to come out of top. It was a handicapped league which gives it more of a fair fight. Most times the other teams got the handicapped against me.

Next week we have our banquet and then after that I will be on a 4 man league using hand darts. I am not as thrilled about hand darts compared to my blow gun.

Overall, I love getting out there and socializing with other people on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong. I have my friends but this is a fun way to spend the evening once a week.