Sunday, April 22, 2012

Picture on the wall

For those that are new to reading my blog I found my daughter on FB because I always knew her name. I named her and asked if they would keep her name because besides life it was the one thing that I could give her. She honored my wish and I will always be grateful to them for doing that.

I never realized that it would enable me years later to find her on a social network. Of course, I didn't know something like FB would there.

We talked thru facebook for quite sometime and text messages and about after a year of doing that she was ready to meet. It was the best feeling in the world to finally see her. It's so ironic that she looks so much like me. Once, when we were out to dinner at her boyfriends place of employment employers that know her thoght we were sisters.

My grand daughter calls her "nana" So basically she thinks Izzy is me.

My daughter has moved away and we have still talk but a lot of it is still facebook. She posted pictures of their newly painted room and I looked closely at a picture on the wall.

It was a picture of Izzy, myself and my two sons. It felt so amazing to see the proof that she loves us enough to put the picture up. It's a picture of us the last day I seen her when she brought her fish to me because she was moving away.

My husband and I were talking and he joked about if Izzy ever gets mad enough at her boyfriend or parents she could live with us. Now, I hope she doesn't have problems in life but to me it was the fact that he accepts her as my child and our house would be open to her.

I wrote Izzy and told her how I noticed the picture and thought it was of us and she wrote back that it was. I told her that she made my day.


The Busters said...

I think that is awesome she has your picture up. I wish I had more photos of my son's birth family.

birthmothertalks said...

Thanks. It was really sweet to see it. Pictures mean extra to me since I went so long without even knowing what she looked like.