Thursday, April 26, 2012


I wrote about being upset and feeling like I am taking advantage of my husband with me going to the Y so often. It looks like I might make five days this week cause my Dad wants a tour and come in on my free pass and with his level of physical abilities the most workout I am going to get it is walking around showing him. However, I would rather take him on a day that I don't work out compared to using my Saturday morning to take him. My son has a couple more weeks of free tutoring and I want to just do my thing.

Jenn suggested prepping a meal ahead of time or cooking and freezing. Meat loaf comes to mind as something that I would want to try to make two batches of and freeze one of the loafs. What is the best way to freeze it so it doesn't get freezer burn? I have freezer bags but should I wrap it in plastic to double the protection? And do I leave it in the pan or not?

Anyone have any easy crock pot recipes? Something without too many ingredients?

My client complimented me on my weight loss and my husband said my son is looking better. So, I want to make my routine work as much as I can.

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April said...

We only eat half of a meatloaf, so I often will just refrigerate the leftovers and reheat it in the microwave a day or two later. My family doesn't mind repeat meals and it saves me from dealing with the time of freezing and thawing. I wouldn't worry about double-wrapping if you plan to use the meatloaf within a week or two, just make sure you remove as much air as you can. I'll even suck the air out! For freezing, you can keep it in or out of the pan. If you'll need it for some other purpose, then don't freeze it in the pan!