Monday, April 2, 2012


I started back up with ME@LD last Monday again and never was clear if I would come weekly or biweekly so I felt like I had to go in today. There were two other volunteers compared to just one other volunteer this week.

Before going tonight, I wrote the man that deals with the volunteer groups and asked how they were standing with volunteers and said I would like to be biweekly and told him how I still had concerns over Mom's not coming in prepared for dropping their children off. I suggested a contest that the lady that runs the Mom groups that if they come prepared with everything their baby needs that they get entered in a drawing and how I could help chip in.

I also suggested that the Mom's rotate staying in the daycare to experience how it is in the daycare. I gave my reasons and we will see what he says.

Last week, one little boy stayed in a wet diaper because Mom didn't bring a bag. This week, I asked Mom, did she have a diaper bag and she said, yes, I will bring it back to you. Mom never brought it back and the boy spent the whole in a diaper that was wet. This boy was bigger than the other babies so borrowing a diaper isn't an option. For every baby that has a diaper bag and I am taking care of that baby or two they get their diaper changed even if it's only slightly wet.

I admitted to the driver and the other volunteers when babies are going wet or hungry because Mom's or Dad's don't do what they are suppose to do then I just don't feel like being here anymore. It's my honest truth.

My husband is upset that they don't do more to show that they appreciate the volunteers by having them a soda or something just to say thanks. Honestly, he has it all wrong. I am working 36 hours for my elderly job. I babysit for the church. (paid job) I am trying to be a good Mom and wife and I want to get my workouts in and work on my son getting some too. I am just tired. If the Mom's and Dad's can't do their part then why should I. If ME@LD hasn't taught them to bring a diaper and a bottle then maybe they are not hitting the mark. I been mentioning Dad's in this post because they have changed the Dad's group to my night.

I love the children. I really do. I try hard to learn their names and considering that most the children are of a different race and have names that are hard for me to say or spell that it's not easy for me. However, once I get the name down I don't forget it. They could not come for weeks and I will remember it.

Some reason, even though, I want to pull away. I just can't stop volunteering for them. I don't know if it's the baby fix or the baby girl fix or I want to be part of keeping young parents with their babies.

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