Thursday, April 5, 2012

I decided to order my son a cell phone. I recently got a smart phone myself so I am with a different company compared to my husband. He wasn't happy that I went with my company instead of his company if I was going to get him a phone which he didn't think he has earned. Honestly, I was just losing my mind wondering where my son was. I don't know if it was all normal fears or adoption stuff causing me to freak out when I didn't know where my son was.

The reason why he wanted me to go with his company because it wouldn't mean being on contract but we would be adding my son on a family plan of minutes and I can't afford to get screwed over with a high bill. I just got my phone a couple months ago so to me a couple months added on to a contract just wasn't a big deal. I also went what I thought was the best deal. The new phone has unlimited talk and text for an extra 20 a month. It's just a basic phone and it won't do anything too fancy.

The phone just came in today and I do have to sit down and talk to my son about him needing to have a job by June to pay for it. I am also thinking about saying something to the point that his brother can use the phone to text or talk to friends and family.

My plan is to have my son mow the yard every week and to give him the job of getting our dogs fur trimmed. He did that a while back and did pretty good. These will be on top of his normal chores so I am hoping that it makes my husband less mad.

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