Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today, I received a call from the doctor that was suggested that we see at the same place that my son had the assessment at. Forgive me for not remembering what kind of a doctor he is. He asked me why I wanted my son to see him and I told him that it was suggested by the counselor. He asked what issues we had and I briefly ran down the list of our biggest concerns.

He asked me a question that threw me off. He asked what did I hope to gain by seeing him. I explained what the counselor suggested by testing his IQ and see if it's close to the school's and also said that possible that he could confirm or deny his DX of autism. I explained how some people don't believe that he is that I have felt like what mostly got us the DX has been worked out. Mainly speech is what I was thinking. He said people with autism can speak. I don't think he meant as in a broad statement that all people with it speak but that just cause my son speaks doesn't mean he doesn't have it.

I am not sure what if anything this doctor can do but we are going for a two assessment with him on April 30th. I am breaking one of my majors rules with my son and that is missing school. We are very strict with school attendance and do our best that he doesn't miss for anything other than illness. As of right now, he has perfect attendance. I think I would be strict no matter what but I remember in grade school sometimes the only award he would get would be perfect attendance.

If I take him to school after the appointment, I will most likely have to feed him fast food. This too goes against the changes we are trying to make with health. I guess I just have to give it a try cause what we are doing isn't working.

Tomorrow, should be a fun day for him. It's donuts with Dad day and then in the evening REC night. He will probably be a monster the next day from lack of sleep.


Karen said...

Good to know he called you back. Just curious, how does IQ become a part of it all? Is his IQ tested at higher or lower than normal, or is it normal? Does IQ affect autism?
Also, is it possible that he is the way he is (not really sure "how he is" except for the few things you have mentioned here, but is it possible he is that way, because of the relationship he has with his dad? I know some people are not very much effected by poor relationships with their fathers, when they maintain contact, but some are.
My son was very much emotionally effected and Im positive it effected his work at school, as well as his relationship with others.

birthmothertalks said...

Kids with autism can be very bright but can have learning disabilties. I think an IQ test would be neat to do to see if the doc and the school come up with close to the same. I personally don't think my son is mature enough or at grade level but not sure if a couseling session can fix that. I don't know about the Dad situation effecting him. His dad does see him and since my son goes to Saturday school for tutoring for the past 16 weeks Dad has neen coming weekly instead of biweekly. Dad isn't totally not around but Dad doesn't call unless its cool cause he went to Vegas. Dad is helping us out tonight to drive him to REC night but is sending his wife. Dad can't drive his bus for personal use and he can't drive her work bus. It will be interesting to see if dad rides along. Today, was donuts with Dad and he brought his stepdad (my husband) and never asked if he could invite Dad. Dad has always had a real streight forward I got to work thing and hasn't always been around for all the school events ect. My son hasn't ever really expressed being upset with Dad except for once when he was asking to take big brother to a wrestling paperview and he said Dad never takes me. Honestly, I wouldn't have let my son stay out to 10 or so on a school night but this is just one of many times when he hasn't asked him to something. We have wondered if Dad is ashamed or feels werid being out with him.