Wednesday, April 11, 2012

family time

As much as I am going to miss being around babies from volunteering for MELD. I have decided to make the best of the new free time. My son really needs exercise and I have been taking him to the YMCA for a class once a week. The only bad thing is that the Y hasn't been reliable to always have the class. When they do my son loves the class.

After several times of the class not going on.. I spoke with a manager about him using the cardio machines and it was agreed that he could have an orientation even though he isn't 13.

Monday, he had his orientation to learn the cardio machines and the strength training machines. At first, he said, I don't want to learn those machines (meaning weights) As soon, as the instructor, showed him how each machine worked he was hooked.

After the orientation, we worked out on the treadmill and the elliptical and then we did the weight machines. He LOVED them. I have never been too much into weights. I personally don't like being around all the guys. However, even though my son can use the machines on his own it's suggested that I stay with him until he is more comfortable and really it's what I will probably do for quite sometime.

I went ahead and did a few of the weight machines and he was being so helpful and showing me how to do them and I was glad that he took the whistle off the wristband that I bought so he could keep his Y card on it. I could see him blowing it for not doing things fast enough or wrong. I did have to keep reminding my son that this isn't a race.

So, basically, I am going to be aiming to get my son to the Y more than once a week. I have started going to a high energy water class and I really like it. I really hope that his classes become reliable because that is an issue that I struggle with. I want him to get exercise but I need it too not just for my physical health but it helps my mental health. The class is twice a week and I hope to make it a routine to make both of the classes. I have made the last three in a row.

My husband doesn't really want me to bring my son so much that I lose the "Me time" at the YMCA. I do feel like I get less of a workout if my son is next to me because I have to focus so much on what he is doing. I am willing to make adjustments so we both get what we need from the Y.

The last two classes my best friend has joined me at the Y for a workout in the pool. This is new to me and to a certain extent even she distracts me from my workout.

On most Saturday mornings, before work, my sister and I are going to the Y. So, I think I will be able to fit my son is more often at the Y.

I am waiting on a phone call back to talk to them more about the classes. I think they should keep their end of the deal.

Sooner or later, I may decide to look into volunteer options. I know a local pet store takes volunteers to sit with the pets that are up for adoption thru the shelter. Or there is always the pregnancy crisis place here in my town. Maybe, they could use volunteers. I am sure if I get it in my head to volunteer I will find something. I don't know if I could ever get into weekly volunterring after my experience with MELD.

So until the time comes, I am really just putting this time back into my family and most likely Monday will be a Y day for us. I find if I have certain days I am more likely to go.

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Karen said...

I wish we had a Y here. The closest Y we have is in the next bigger town over. We have 24 Hour Fitness, but membership is so expensive.