Friday, April 13, 2012

I have a question. I have been open that I have a special needs child but it hasn't been the main point of my blog so it's not something that I talk about all the time. Besides, asthma and allergies my son has a DX of Autism and ADHD and has some obsessive behaviors. They are almost comical at times. He loves to sharpen pencils until they are gone. He could go thru 5 a day. We do mechanical pencils and he runs thru them fast by breaking the lead or taking the pencil apart.

His other obsession is with food and hopefully I have a new one forming as in wanting to go to the Y.

His doctor has suggested we go for assessment at a mental health place. I put it off and when the doc called and wanted to see him for a recheck on the asthma and asked me about the assessment I felt like putting my head down in shame because I blew it off. But I know it's the right thing to do if I want to explore treatments that might help that don't involve medication. Neither of my sons have ever been effectually treated with ADHD medication.

I am dreading taking my son for the assessment. Tomorrow, is the perfect day to take him cause he is off of school and I am off of work. I had two extra days off due to medical appointments on Wednesday and off tomorrow for a family night at this place that used to do his therapy. Not sure if we are going now because I just feel like I have too much on my hands.

My point in writing as anyone taken a child special needs or not special needs to a clinic for mental health reasons. I love my son. I think he is perfect and I love even his silly things but do wonder if there is more that could be done. He compared a yo yo obsession to my addiction to diet soda. He will get so fixated on something and he can't focus to learn.

So if you have taken your child how do you prepare them for the assessment without crushing their ego and making them feel not good enough? I am thinking of telling my son it's like going to the Doc but no one gives shots or medications.

I am thinking of hitting up the movies that are pretty close to the clinic but his thing right now is the Y and not sure I really want to do all three and four if we count going to the family night. I had a five hour shift today and then one hour break and a six hour and half shift so I do crave just relaxing times at home.


WP said...

Take him to the appointment. : ) I'm not sure what type of person you are seeing, but you might want to get a referral to a pediatric neurophsychologist. If he is having trouble focusing on his learning, or getting his mind off things he is obsessing over, that can be tough for him. I our family, we treating the issues has helped our kiddo be successful and has improved relationships. They may recommend some different therapies in addition to or instead of medication. In any case, I think it's important that you go. If you don't like the person you see, try to get a referral elsewhere. You are your son's most important advocate. : )

birthmothertalks said...

I took him. We had to go as a walk in for the first appointment and it was an all day thing and was kind of rough on both of us. I will give it a try so I know I did my all.