Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I have been enjoying my new found free time from being fired from volunteering for MELD. I miss the babies but I am loving getting that time back. I have been really focused on going to the YMCA to work out. I been attending a water class for a few weeks now. I really enjoy it and it's amazing how much of a workout you can get in the water. I can bounce around and move in ways that my knees would be screaming if I did it on the land.

I am still using the treadmills, ellipticals, video bike but not always in one day. I have been to the Y three times this week. I just a lot of anxiety if I can't work out. I am trying to bring my son sometimes too so he can get exercise too but school and homework doesn't make it the easiest to do. Also, the Y isn't keeping their word on the class designed for kids so he ended up doing some laps but lose interest fast. My sister was with me and we motioned for him to come back in the pool and he was all wanting to do the water class with us next time. I know that any typical 12 year old boy shouldn't want to do this and should do things more for his own age. So, I said are you sure you want to do it. I then did a couple of the moves of jumping jacks and moving my body this way and that way and asked him if he wanted to join the class. He said "no, I am good" This seems to be his line lately. It's kind of cute.

He has gotten into a couple new obsessions that drive us crazy. He sings Amazing Grace very loud. It's so off key. I can put up with it for so long and after a couple hours I get very tired of it. We walked the other night for about 30 minutes and he sang it the whole time. I never said anything and then at dinner he started up and I told him when we were walking I thought about jumping into the river or the poop factory. We live close to the water reclamation place. I take the stinky route cause it involves hills. He thought that was funny.

His other obsession is combing his hair because I bought him combs of his own. He needs a haircut so that should end once we find time to do it. He loves to go to the Y but I wouldn't call it an obsession. He has a short attention span so not sure how much exercise he actually gets since he jumps lots of machines. The Y today put in all new strength training machines so I know he will want to try them out soon.

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