Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My happenings

Izzy was here in town remodeling a house that they got when her husband's parents died... I tried to see her but I was ignored.. I know they had a lot of their plate but it just stinks so bad. I just so badly want to be in her life and all I get his a facebook view of it.. sort of just being allowed to look thru the window but no really contact.

It's better than nothing I suppose. I just hope and pray some day there will be more to our relationship than passing by each other on facebook here and now.. I do have more interactions with her on there now that I closed my main account down and started a private one. I really believe she had me blocked.. well not me blocked but hid my status from her feed cause she was really out of the loop on my life the last time we met in person.

She was thrilled that I was divorcing my husband. I guess she never liked him.. most people have been thrilled with it.

My son had his day in court. She was rewarded full custody and he was given rights to visit but only under her supervision.. Better than nothing but why does it seem like my family is doomed to never have any girls in our lives? My son does have a new girlfriend but I haven't met her yet. She is the same age and had a young daughter herself. Hopefully she will be good for him.. My son moved out again about a month ago.

I got big news!!! I am in love again!!! My coworker and I hit it off.. My work and everybody knows about it and they were happy and even said they were hoping that would happen. I know it was fast but one can't control when and who you fall in love with. He really is an amazing guy. Can't wait to see what the future holds out for us.