Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday night

It's taken me sometime to really write about what MELD has done to me. I feel that I spoke up because I couldn't do my best at child care if the Mom's don't do their best to bring in the proper supplies. I tried very hard to ensure that babies went home with a clean diaper to their Mom. I did this for the comfort for the baby and also to make the Mom's feel that when they do right and bring the supplies that it's not for nothing.

Yesterday, my husband took his phone to the cell phone company to switch to using a basic old flip phone and it happened to be mine. They took all my pictures off his phone and put it on his flash drive. There were some pictures of MELD babies. Yes, I was bad but it's not like I plastered them all over online. Most of the children that were shown haven't been coming to group anymore but I remembered my times caring for them just as well as I do with the most recent babies. I have seen children come in as newborns and learn how to crawl, walk and talk. I have seen children come in as walkers but not very verbal suddenly be talking and "helping" out with the babies.

I encouraged the person that ran the Mom's group to bring her daughter in the daycare because it just made sense to me that if she needed a babysitter then it was the place to be. I suggested that the Mom's rotate being in the daycare to assist with the care of the babies. I thought this could give them a good perspective from the daycare providers side of it and it could help them with other child care options.

I feel like I was shoved aside because even though I didn't come right out and say what your doing isn't working. I did offer suggestions and even money for a contest. I don't think your comments are appreciated and I will take you off the volunteer list go well together in the same sentence.

I hope this doesn't make me sound like I think I was the best volunteer but I do believe that I was more reliable than a lot of the people that they have brought in over the two years. I have seen people commit for ten week session and not show up each and every time. I have told volunteers that it looked like the child they were holding were wet (judging by the size of the child's butt) to be told that they are fine. Then, the child pee soaks thru the clothes. I believe that happened once or twice. I have had one volunteer that didn't want to change the babies diapers because she was afraid she could catch AIDS. How crazy is that?

Don't get me wrong there have been some really good volunteers that have been coming in. The most recent two that started coming in and been good and that's why I felt like I could afford to do bi weekly but even they didn't come in the first week so when it was just one lady I felt guilty that I could be leaving them short.

I honestly think that I probably will miss going. I love holding a new baby. I love holding a baby about 3 or 4 months old when they start interacting with other people. I love it when suddenly a crawler is learning to walk. I loved it when a baby or toddler seemed to take to me better probably because for the longest time I was the most reliable one and the longest standing volunteer on Monday night.

My husband is working on writing his own blog post about what he has seen from MELD and if you would like to read his point of view you can check out his blog here. If your up to it leave him a comment on your thoughts because he has emailed several of the directors of MELD>

In another post, I will follow up what how I will fill up my time.

Just for the record the picture of the babies isn't a MELD baby. That is brought to you by google.

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