Monday, August 9, 2010

Tonight, I went to volunteer at Meld. I really love it. But it hasn't been the same this time around. One, my helper, the other volunteer doesn't show up on a regular basis. She said that she just went from unemployed to working a full time job and her part time job. So, I do kind of understand. I went from getting zero hours to going full time again. It's good but also not a easy thing to do. Also, there has been less Mom's. There isn't less Mom's because less are having babies, but less because they are not showing up as much or they are not bringing their kids. I know it's good that they are being independent and don't need to rely on volunteers. But my thinking is if enough time goes by without kids that the volunteers wouldn't sign up again. I don't want to just go in case, I am needed. I want to be needed and used. Use me. lol I still do love the children that come in.
The man that runs the program was there and I asked if I was allowed to take their picture. I really want to document these days somewhere other than blogging. I would love to add some picture in my scrapbook. He said that if they signed the waiver it's ok. He said, that he would let me know which ones did.
It was kind of cool that when the volunteer seen me.. she seemed shocked. She can really see my weight loss. I haven't been around too many people so it's nice that someone noticed.
My oldest son is staying with me for five days but today, he asked if he could spend the night at his friends. We went swimming and just happened to be in his neighborhood. I know it seems silly to have him with me and to allow him to go to his friends. But these are the things I want him to be able to at least ask me. I don't want him to miss out on some teen fun just because it's Mom's weekend. I don't buy him much, because my first husband and I each have one child and we don't pay child support. However, once in a while, I try to buy stuff because I don't want to make him feel like he can't ask me. So, this weekend, I made a deal that I would buy him a cheap game if he did something for me and I bought him a tshirt. Also, I have started to make him aware that it bugs me that he always has to change the radio station. I want him to think of other people.
On Saturday night, while I was at work, the kids and my husband set up a tent and the kids slept in there. It was funny because they had the tv and other electronics. They were real men. lol I wish I got some pictures of them. It was nice that are yard was used.

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