Sunday, August 15, 2010

just thinking...

I been thinking some about counselors at adoption agencies and do or can they really give unbiased information. Most people want the place that they work for to do well and make money? Get my drift? If the counselors do a job that isn't biased it could result in less money for the company and chances of layoffs.
I been thinking about how even in my job that sometimes I have chances that I could increase my income. Sometimes, it's just by doing my job. If I can prevent a fall that could lead to an injury.. I keep making money.. but in the case of some blind clients that I have had... if I do my job to help them learn how to do things on their own then I lose out on a client and possibly an income.I know this from experience where a client learned how to do many things and needed less of our service. Good for her and bad for us..
Another example how it could come into play is that I have had an nurse asking me questions about a client to see if they will pay for long term care.. this could easily be a way to make things sound way worse than they are. I didn't of course.. and I suppose they would be taking much more than what I said into consideration.
I just thought it's kind of interesting how I have found myself in situations of doing a good job didn't always suit my best interests in the moment. However, I believe that I have put the needs of my client as a person, above my gain. Even though, it stinks that if my client no longer needs me that I end up waiting for new clients.. I know I can sleep at night. So, I hope people that are there for the women who are working for adoption agencies can sleep at night.


Amanda said...

"Non-Profit" is a sort of vague idea considering that the adoption is a 3 billion dollar (and rapidly rising) per year, unregulated, industry. I once heard someone say "my nail salon is more regulated than adoption is!" They were probably right.

I've worked in Social Services, but not in adopton, and I can tell you that there are a lot of "non-profit" entities that make my toes curl. Considering that some of the largest agencies pay their executives 6 figure salaries...the adoption industry is probably the worst of them all.

The adoption worker that marched right into my original mother's hospital room when she wouldn't leave without me and belittlered her into surrendering was the director of the agency at the time. I often wonder what the heck it was she was getting out of harassing this poor young woman into signing her rights away.

birthmom1986 said...

I believe that anyone who works in an adoption agency, or anything to do with adoption is biased against the birthmothers. That is just my belief. Because without birthmothers, they are out of business.