Sunday, August 29, 2010

I got the job

I went to the church for what I thought was an interview and it was more of here are the kids and see what you think. I was with a volunteer from the church. They have a two person child safety rule. I think it's an great rule and I think more places should do the same.
It was boys! All boys and they were full of energy. They ranged in ages from under one to 4 and half years of age. After, the kids were gone, the person in charged talked to me about what I thought. I liked how a few of the older kids had name tags and it would be great if all of them had their name on them. Sometimes, it's hard to remember them at first.
They mentioned that they didn't have time to read the letter or follow up my references. Also, they had to do the background check still. However, they went into the pay part of it. I get paid once a month. So, for eight hours of work, I get 100.00. I think that's pretty fair. I am suppose to go back next week. So, I am officially employed by a church. It's kind of weird. Because my background has always been that church makes me uncomfortable. It wasn't until we had marriage counseling that I started to actually feel comfortable and safe in them. I will never forget the day that I told Pastor K that I thought the head pastor looked like Bob Barker from the price is right. He said, that he would never think of him in the same way. Poor guy.

I was a little surprised by my emotions following the babysitting. It shocked me and I need some time before I can process it enough to share.

I ended up at the Ymca and walked around the track and then did swam laps. Then, I lied in the sun and then went swimming in the main pool.

To be continued......

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