Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last night, I left my purse at my clients home. So, I went to go get it before my shift started because I was afraid of the thoughts of someone taking my bank cards.
My client had a friend visiting her and I said, "I know you" She asked my name and I gave her my maiden name because I just knew that it was from when I was young.
It was the principal of the school that I graduated high school from. I went to an alternative after I finished the 9Th grade. I was there for three years before I finished. I had the chance to go into the Ged program but I was only 16 and didn't see the rush. She started asking me if I was in contact with anyone. I said that I was in contact with Pam. She was my math teacher. Pam has been more like a Mom to be than my Mom. I really value our friendship. So, the the principal calls Pam to tell her who was with her. Then, she puts me on the phone to talk to Pam. I should take advantage of Pam more and seek her out more. She even said that. I love it that she asks about my kids one at a time and doesn't forget to ask about Izzy. In most cases in my day to day life.. I am still in the dark. I don't have too many people that I can talk to. Also most don't bother to ask me questions.

On the way back to my clients, I got to thinking of my high school years. As far as I am aware no one knew about Izzy. I know Pam didn't know. However, this school was way better than any normal public school. I wasn't just a number. Pam was my favorite teacher but several teachers really showed how they cared for their students. The average size class was ten or so students so they could invest the time to really know the students. I kind of wonder if I would have made it through those years without the support from the school. Now, that I am thinking of it.. one person a school counselor did try to talk to me about my adoption experience but I wasn't interested. She wanted me to talk to another student about adoption and I wasn't going to open myself up like that. But other than that.. this school provided me with attention and I believe love that my Mom was unable to show at that time. I think teachers have the most awesome job and can make a difference in someones life. I wouldn't be blogging about them if they treated me like a number.

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