Monday, August 2, 2010

hot tubbbbb

I used to love to hop in the hot tub after my workout at the ymca. It was a relaxing experience. It could take away my aches and pains. (not that I have many) It could make a bad day turn into no worries. I just loved it. Then, the ymca made a decision to close it down.

I just found a 8 person hot tub for sale at a car lot. He seems willing to work with me. I could make payments. I have a perfect spot for it. It's a matter of can I really afford it and do I know how to take care of a hot tub? Anyone want to buy it for me? Just kidding. But seriously, does anyone know how to do the up keep and is it costly? and does it make the power bill really high? I really want this. I don't know if it's realistic of me to to buy it. But I kind of feel like this is a once in a million chance to own a piece o f heaven.

Edit.. my husband might actually go for it.. but only if we can get a car out of it too. We only have one and it's been working but only cause it's summer. I guess it's mean of me to want a hot tub and have him walking still without a car in the winter.. haha.. This isn't the one but it's about the same size or so..


Lori said...

Sorry, not a clue - I do know that you can't use bubbles of any kind (other than the jets) and you have to keep it at a constant temperature to keep the costs in check. I think you have to keep it ph balanced and with chlorine, but there is something different than, do we all get invites to hang out? LOL - JK

birthmom1986 said...

I don't have a clue since I'm a lover of the steamrooms.

However, I do know how much you loved the one at the YMCA. Sit down and think of the times you will use it. I don't have a new car, I don't have fancy things, but I have extended cable, because we use it.

It might be worth your while if you are going to use it.