Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do you all want to hear a funny story? I will pretend you all said yes. My son asked me a question about do I remember how I felt when a friend was over and did this or that.. I was honest with him and said that I just didn't have that many friends.
I told him that I moved around a lot and wasn't really liked. I guess I was a geek. The only friends that I could have were the ones who were geeks too. I was in the 7Th grade and I made friends this one girl. I don't remember her name. Let's call her Jane. So, anyways, after I hung out with Jane enough.. I just didn't like her.I don't recall why. I just didn't desire to hang with her. I just didn't know how to tell her so. I guess I was okay being alone if it meant putting up with someone that I didn't like.
I can laugh about this now. Well, anyways, I told my older sister that Jane said that her and her friend Chris were a bitch. I didn't understand the outcome of saying such a thing. All I knew was that maybe it would make Jane go away. Well, my sister and her friend Chris were hot!! I told them and the next day Jane wanted to come over and I let her. My sister and her friend were home and was going to beat her up for calling her a bitch. I didn't like the girl but I didn't really want her beat up. I wasn't mature enough to handle this situation with my friend. Only when it became real to me that my sister was going to fight her did I speak up. I had to tell the truth. So, my sister didn't beat the girl up and Jane quit being my friend. Then, I told my son.. do you think this is why I didn't have many friends growing up. haha
However, I think the moral of my story and telling it now is that as a 7Th grader, I couldn't handle a situation with a friend and as a pregnant 8th grader, I couldn't handle that situation.

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Campbell said...

Wow, that's such a striking comparison.