Friday, August 20, 2010

Today, when I arrived at work, my client was sleeping. My coworker who I really don't know that well got to talking. I mentioned something about my son and she asked how old he was.. I said ten. She seemed shocked that I had a son that old. So, it was a perfect chance to say.. I have a 18 year old and a 15 year old and talked about the adoption of my girl. We didn't get to talk too long, because our client woke up but it felt right. Why shouldn't I start sharing my story with people in real life. She mentioned a cousin who is a birthmom and how she didn't know until many years later and how her son found him. I think there are birthmom's out there but no one is talking. It's just not an easy subject.I am glad I did though. Because my daughter should be counted. She is just as important as my sons. No more. No less.

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