Friday, August 20, 2010

I read a post about protecting privacy of our children when it comes to blogging. It made me do some thinking and I will continue to think about it. For the most part.. I kind of feel like hey this is my story and I will share it if I want to but then I know it's not all about me. I really am not worried about people that I do not know reading. I don't use real names and you all don't know me. For all you know, I am a good story teller. This story could have been a good work of fiction. But it's not. It would make me sad if everyone quit blogging about the journey's in life. So, while, it got me thinking... I don't think I will quit. Honestly, I am more worried about people who do know me reading my blog and then thinking poorly of me. I wouldn't want anyone to think I am a nut.


Lori said...

I really don't think it matters what others think. If they know you and think you are nuts, well, that is on them, not you. Pictures, well, I have pictures of my daughter on there, while she was small and the photographs are mine. If she wants some of her on there, she would put them up.

Sometimes you just have to say "so sorry, I am going to do what I think is right and good."

michelle said...

Well, I think you do protect Izzy's privacy in that you are telling YOUR story. You are not posting her picture, or using her real identity. And you are talking about YOUR feelings and experiences.

I think the heart of the post on privacy is more that there is information there that is not ours to tell as aparents. If I, as an adoptee, choose to share the details of WHY I was relinquished, that is one thing. But for my parents to tell those reasons to the world is not appropriate. That comes in part because of the very sensitive nature of adoption, and of the reasons for relinquishment, and because of the weightiness of all of it.

It's very different to post a pic and say, "First tooth!" than it is to share baby's personal history, especially considering that processing that history can at times be a difficult and painful thing. There are TONS of aparents out there sharing their kiddos' personal info, and that just doesn't seem to wisdom, or an understanding of the impact of adoption on the adoptee. I hope that makes sense. : )

And I think you're just fine in what you share. : )