Saturday, August 28, 2010


Tomorrow, I have an meeting about the Nursery attendant job on Sunday's. I am excited! I sent off a few references and some information about myself. I didn't keep out the fact that I am a birthmom. I know that I need to try to be more real. The sooner people know the less guilt I have for not telling someone. I hope I get it. I am a little afraid that I might be pushing myself too hard. I am working five days a week and volunteer once a week. So, if this works out, I won't have any days off. I like taking care of the elderly but there is something so awesome about the innocence of of a baby or toddler. It's so fun playing with them and teaching them as you go. I love watching the children grow. I miss having nieces around to play with and this is the next best thing.

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