Sunday, July 22, 2012

Youth center

Any divorced parents with joint custody out there? As in you have a equal right to schooling decisions, heath and religion?

Would you ever go to court or mediation to make it agaisnt your ex to take the child to church or a certain church.

My ex takes my sons to a church and not sure if it's even called that. They do service but it's also a lot of fun and games and things they do with the youth. So, it's actually a youth center.

This youth center on quite a few times has made plans with the youth only to change their mind and not follow through with the trip they said they were going to do. Or they go somewhere that isn't afforadale to all the members and that excludes some people who can't pay say 40 a pop per person.

Most recently, my kids have been excited about an upcoming camping trip and going into my ex didn't want to pay for big brother due to him being out of a school and without a job. Somone at the church told him that it wasn't fair and to include him.

Last week, the youth center put on a rummage sale and a car wash to raise money for camp and they raised over 300 dollars and this would pay for 8 people.

Once again, the trip is canceled and I will be left to deal with whatever emotions my sons express from this. We had to force Alex to participate in the car wash and now they are not even going. Dad did say they are going to the Dell's but couldn't tell me how many days and I am not sure if it's part of the church or not.

I am tired of this youth center doing this to the kids. I know Alex is going to be 18 soon and then he won't be "youth" and probably won't be going to Dad's for every other weekend and all that but I have quite a few more years before my youngest is of age to decide for himself.

I personally haven't been attending church and the only church that I enjoyed recently didn't have bible classes for the children unless you paid for it. I am not agaisnt churches in general but it doesn't seem like a good one. It seems like it's more for free food and the games at the church. They have a huge screen for movies and games that my son would probably give his left arm for. :)

I wonder if the way this church and many others are going about things are the reason why a lot of churches members are down and the children that grew up in the church are not coming back to it as adults.

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