Friday, July 13, 2012

Raising money for Education and prize offer.

Last year, I went on a retreat for Mom's with children with special needs and met a lot of lovely women who had children with autism, down sydrome and many other diseases and disorders that our lovely children are dealing with.
It gave me a different out look on life with my special needs child when I heard a couple Mom's talking about life expectancies.

I have connected with a few of the Mom's through facebook and have seen two of the Mom's since the retreat.

One of the Mom's that I haven't really connected outside of the retreat but we share a common group on facebook and our children both have autism. We are in very different stages of the game. My child is a 12 year old boy and her child is a daughter who is five.

The parents of this little girl has seen improvement and gains in their daughter and feel that the school's choice of sending her to a school that is for self contained special needs children only would do her a dis service not only in not seeing improvement but children with autism can go backwards with their skills in a case like this where the things that might have contributed to the progress was taking away. I am not an expert nor am I am expert with this little girl.

Her parents have set up a fundraiser to try to raise money for experts to get the right schooling for their child that they believe to be the best for her. They have a lawyer that is working pro bono.

I know times are hard and not everyone can give but I am asking if anyone feels that they can spare anything to help this family or want to get more details please visit their page here.

I would like to offer a litle something to encourage support for them. If we raise 120.00 thru my blog for them I would like to put together a little package of gifts for your child. I would have to limit the age to ten and under to make it affordable and fun to me.

If you donate please leave a comment with the dollar amount or send me an email and if the 120 is raised then I will draw names for the prize for your child. If you don't have a child. You could always pick a relative or give me another idea of how to be able to provide a little fun for a kid. To keep shipping costs down it would need to be shipped in the U.S.

The fundraiser is running until 7/24/12

Thanks for any donation or even the thoughts of trying to help.

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