Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First day on the job

Alex has orientation tomorrow for his job. It took the manager a couple days to call and set it up and I was fearing the worst but she did call and he is to report to work today.

My sons and I spent the day together and our plan was to go to the local pool but my son wanted to bring a friend.

The friend happens to be my ex husband's new wife's adoptive son. HAHA that is a mouth full. He happened to be my son's friend before my son's and his friend's Mom met and got married.

I like to be at the pool at the opening but money is tight and I needed to make sure that we had ate lunch and the only thing I needed to bring was some soda.

I pick up his friend and we get to the pool about an half after opening or maybe even a little longer and they check to see if the boys are wearing swim shorts with the netting. The friend didn't have the netting and wasn't allowed in. My son was ready to send his friend walking because he said he asked him if he had the netting and he said he did. Even though, that's probably true but friends don't leave friends like that. Also, Mom's don't pick up a child, even though the child is 17 and leave him.

We went to a GoodWill store and I bought the friend some used swimming shorts. We decided not to go back to the outdoor pool because I didn't feel like using my kids tickets that I had already purchased through a package available to income eligible families and I didn't want to pay full price for three hours in the pool.

Since we belong to the YMCA, we went there instead. We swam for a few hours and then I took his friend home and we came home and had dinner.

It was so cute listening to my son talk tonight. He already mentioned wanting to have his friend stay the night on his next day off!! LOL he hasn't even did the first day of work.

He is hoping he isn't working on Thursday cause my vacation starts and we are going to a water park with thrilling slides. I have been waiting for this day since the beginning of summer. I am all for value for my money that I have to pay for me and I want a full day out of it.

He mentioned how he hopes he doesn't have to work when his church goes to the Dell's. He was upset cause his Dad said it like casual that it's not a big deal. To him it's a big deal but not much we can do if he has to work.

I love how he is talking about how he is going to spend his paycheck. I hope earning his own money will help him understand the value for the dollar as in the amount of hours it takes to earn money and how fast money goes. So, when Mom and stepdad didn't give him 20 bucks or so for a concert it wasn't always about how we don't want to give him money. It was more about how we don't always have 20 to spare.

The sad part is that he mentioned how his Dad asked him what days are his payday and he is already afraid that Dad will ask him for money to borrow.

I really hope that my son's father's habits about money doesn't rub off on my son. I won't go into the things that he has seen and knows what's going on but just hope he doesn't do the same things with his money.

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