Sunday, July 29, 2012

Caught between a child and a man

I think that statement best desribes our arguements that have been going on in my household.

Having my son stay home on the one weekend that I had arranged to be off made me very upset.

What made me even more upset is that he had hinted to staying home and I specially said that I had arranged my vacation to be home with kids five days and without for the two on the weekend.

I didn't think it was too much to ask.

My son threw in the arguement that if I wanted weekends free of kids then I shouldn't have had kids.

I suppose that statement rings some truth in it but the facts are that my sons' have another parent and another place to call home and we have come used to 4 days out of the month to be free of kids. Normally, I am working Friday evening and Saturday evening so it only amounts to a few hours here and there alone but it's something.

This weekend was suppose to be our weekend to just hang and be free of kids until Sunday morning.

My son claims he is a man and refused to go with his Dad but says what's for dinner? LOL

Friday night, we had already talked about getting a cheap pizza and we did and we ate it alone cause Alex took his to his room. A man would have brought food into the house and cooked it or ordered out and paid for it. He did none of these.

Saturday, my husband had planned to come with me to the YMCA and I would do zumba outdoors. It was dance day. He would wounder around and do whatever interesting he could find.

Since, Alex wanted to stay home, we woke him up and made him come with us. We got there a little early so I could get all ready for zumba and they watched for the first few minutes and then took off.

When I got done I called to see if they were still around and my husband made him walk the five miles home with him.

One of the reasons my son refused to go with his Dad was because he told me on the phone he had to work at 7 and I took it for am and he led me on to believe it. Saturday, we did some more cickering about our house our rules and I made Alex fend for himself for dinner since I wanted to go out. So, we took him to work and went out on our own.

Well, that's just a little bit of what was running through my mind. 3 more full days of vacation before i go back.

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