Monday, July 23, 2012

Knock Knock

We had something happen last night. Alex woke us up at 2 30 am and said someone knocked on his bedroom window. (he sleeps in the basement) My first reaction is to say make sure all the doors are locked. I was half asleep so I know it probably wasn't best to send the kid to check but then again the kid is taller than all of us. So, when he got to the back door he said someone was trying to get in.

The ironic part is that all three of our dogs were outside. We don't normally go to bed and leave them outside but we must have forgotten to let them in before going to bed. The dogs didn't bark nor did I hear my lab attacking anyone.

My husband went outside and checked and everything looked normal. He didn't see anyone and our backdoor to our was closed and latched. It's sort of been damaged by a big dog not knowing how strong she is when he jumps on it so if we don't push it shut it don't latch.

The neighbor was sitting outside and they said they didn't see anything but then turned around and said to call the police cause he seen two black guys walking down the street and he has in the past followed them to know where they live.

My husband said for everyone to go to bed and he didn't want the police called. My son was told to come in and go to bed and it took me sitting up waiting for 30 minutes cause he called the police anyways.

My neighborhood has never been a really high crime area and not sure if crimes are really happening or this neigbor is paranoid of black people and the thought of them walking down the street is making them a criminal.

I wondered if crime is finding this guy or is he dreaming it all up and is that going to make crime "find" my son or whatever??

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