Friday, July 27, 2012

I planned my vacation around my children's weekend with their father. Basically, I would be home with my children for two days on, the weekend off, then home with them Sunday night thru Thusday morning. I thought this was a nice balance to have some time to be home with my kids and do some fun things but also give my husband a break from always dealing with them.

Alex started his new job today and flat refused to go to his Dad's due to working Saturday at 7 pm. This isn't all about the job, he has been trying to avoid going there for quite sometime.

We all got pissed and the kid being home for the weekend is enough to make him threaten to move out at tax time. He feels like he spends all his time with my two boys and our grand daughter and wants this free time. I don't blame him for being pissed because I am too.

My son told me why don't you tell Dad we can't come over cause it's your vacation. I told him right to his face that I planned my vacation around having sometime without kids.

He doesn't care about anyone. All he cares about his himself. I am so pissed. I work hard and all I wanted was a day and half without kids. Our granddaughter comes over on Sunday morning so really all it was going to be Friday night and Saturday without kids.

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