Friday, July 27, 2012

My previous post I blogged about how my husband spoke about alex as to compare him to the neighbor and how it upset me. I told my husband for some reason he likes you.

Today, he told me that, my statement hit him on the head. He said he should be happy that he likes him and that Alex has been paying attention to what he says and says postitve things about him on facebook.

My husband told me that he is letting the past get in the way with seeing Alex for as of right now. I hope I am not putting words in his mouth just trying to write about what he said.

If you ever think about relationships they do change and shit happens. How strong would our marrage be with each other if we have a list of wrong doings one another did to each other during the first couple years of our marrage. He was a drunk and I was a crazy sad out of my mind birthmom who was living in so much grief that I couldn't see thru the tears.

I hope my husband can using this "lightbulb" moment and not take it for granted that Alex likes to go places with him while also able to have his own quiet time that he likes.

I hope my son realizes how good he can have it at home and makes the right choices as we get closer to the age of 18.

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