Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yesterday, I was at the pool and on the way out I ran into one of the MELD Mom's and I will be honest I knew her but I couldn't place her.
I talked with her for a few and she questioned me if I was still volunteering and I quickly explained that I had issues with some of the Mom's not bringing diapers and bottles and my concern was taken for bitching and was dismissed. She wasn't one of the Mom's without diapers her child was five and she said she goes to as few meetings as possible cause she has to to keep her housing.

She said that she thought the meetings we pointless and she felt like she was in a very different place compared to the other Mom's.

She did mention that she will be moving soon so then she can be done with MELD. I suppose in someways it did what it was suppose to do.

I don't know if anyone noticed but I took the donation button down for MELD. If I am not sure if I want to support them then I can't be asking or accepting donations for them.

I really am on the fence with it. I seen so many of the children comes dressed to the T and wearing expensive shoes way more than I could ever afford especially when my kids were babies that I really have wondered if MELD is a good thing or not.

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