Wednesday, July 25, 2012

relationships, jobs, and vacation

My son's first day on the job was canceled to a bad storm that came our way and made lots of people to be without power. I didn't lose power or did I wake up to the killer storm. Good thing I don't have trees!! I wouldn't call it killer storm actually but I did see one tree personally on a house.

My son was bummed out but the good news is that my vacation or as my husband called it staycation starts tomorrow!! My sons and I are going to the water park to spend the day.

The bad news is that Alex thinks it's boring to go to places like that with his Mom. I look at it this way... when the kid doesn't want you around then they can start paying their own way in the world and driving themselves!! Anyone agree with me?

I look at it this way. If it's not family time or something I arranged I am not paying for a fun day out. Also, not driving him dropping him off and doing the come back thing. Maybe, I would feel different if I was made out of money and didn't have to count my pennies to make ends meet.

I am just glad that both my kids can come to the waterpark and hopefully Alex likes his job and with him working make things a little less stressful.

I been feeling like he is putting a strain on my marraige. It's not super bad but I can feel it. It's hard to explain. My husband and I can be upset over the same issues but at times it just seems like he is picking on my kid even though logically I know he isn't.

Sometimes, I think my husband isn't picking his battles enough with my kids and then other times for the same issue I support what he is doing.

One exampple, he has started doing is if Alex sleeps till 11 am or later, he isn't letting him eat breakfast. He is making him wait until lunch. There is the Mom part that aches thinking my kid is hungry and thinks he isn't being fair and then there is the logical part that says Alex really needs something like this to get him motivated to do something other than sleep late and Stephen gives him all kinds of crap if Alex can eat and he can't even though Stephen doesn't understand that Alex hasn't ate. I know I have blogged about Stephen's food obsession before.

My husband is with my two kids 24/7 and our grand daughter 4 to 5 days a week and I know he is getting burned out but I am not sure what to do about it besides him stop watching our grand daughter and him get a job.

The feeling like our marriage is suffering does scare me a little bit because when Alex put us through a bunch of drama right after we got married and also my husband was drinking around the clock.. we came close to splitting. I think one of the biggest reasons for not splitting was neither one of us was willing to leave the house. Plus, I think a second divorce would be worse than a second one.

My husband's unmployment is going to be running out soon and I worry how that's going to affect my family and our relationship. I hope we can weather the storm. I don't mind if my boat rocks some but if it totally sunk and I lost my house it would be one of the worst things that I could think that could happen to my family.

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