Wednesday, July 4, 2012

ex bashing/ birthparent bashing

The above message was part of something someone posted on fb that a judge told a couple that was divorcing. It's a good reminder for me to bite my tongue when at times my ex makes it so easy to make fun of him or talk poorly of his decisions. I personally have a hard time drawing the line talking about my ex choices when it comes to my almost adult son. Their were certain things that may have looked like a way of life but I want my son to know it doesn't have to be that way. We do always try to tell him that his Dad did the best he could and all that good stuff.

I saved this portion of the facebook message and to share it on here because I think it also plays a big role in adoption and how adoptive parents talk about the birthparents of the children they adopt. It could be the said word about them or the not said word as in we don't talk about those people or adoption.

At times I feel guility for talking to Izzy and what at times may seem like advice and I will blog more about something I said yesterday that could have been taken as butting in too much. Nothing really bad though.

The truth is that my daughter carries half of my genes and half of her birthfather's. Yes, she was raised by her adoptive parents but she is part of our family and at times I may offer stuff that could pertain to her because she is part of us too.

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