Monday, July 9, 2012

My Zumba instructor tonight really reminded me of one of my cousins on my Dad's side. I didn't think it was her but had to come home and look at the cousin that it reminded me of and the cousin isn't looking as hot and young as the instructor.

It got me thinking a little bit is this how adoptees feel when they see someone that reminds them of themselves or something just really famliar?

It's not that I thought she had family traits but she did remind me of the cousin but maybe in her younger days.

It's got me thinking how far my cousins and I have grown apart. I have so many cousins and honestly the most I have seen any is at funerals. We have lost about half of my Grandparents 7 children. The last couple that have died I either didn't make the funeral and the one aunt didn't have a funeral. She wouldn't go to them when she was alive I guess she wasnt going to attend one while dead.

I am sure that some of my cousins are still in my city and I am throwing around the idea of putting together a reunion and wondering if it's too late this summer to pull it together and could I afford it and would I know anything about putting one together.

It also gets me thinking would any of my cousins care to reunite? and what would I expect from it? I don't see much changing in the relationships from our cousins. The truth is that we are really strangers who share the same DNA.

I wonder how the cousins would react to a request of a reunion and what would we talk about?

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