Saturday, June 30, 2012


Tonight, I looked at my scrapbook twice and looked through photos and got some devolped from my exciting work week. I asked my husband to get paper clips so I could put some of my pictures with my scrapbook sticker type thing. I am going to try to set aside ten bucks a week for the next month to buy scrapbook material or photos and see if I can get going on Izzy's book again.

I bought a lot of my 8 by 11 pages in bulk but I am bored with them. Hopefully, this will kick start my desire to work in the scrapbook again and get it closer to being finished.

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Wendy said...

That's really nice that you're making a scrapbook for Izzy.

I'd like to make some digital photo books for Zoe...I take a ton of pictures and it's not easy to print them all. My mother-in-law loves to scrapbook so she's been making those for Zoe, too. It's really nice - such a nice present to have from her. I'm sure Zoe will love them when she's older.