Saturday, June 16, 2012

Odds and ends

My husband mentioned how he thought Stephen's fits of rage sort of started around the time Alex moved in. I didn't think about it but I do think it started around that time. I wish I had the time to take notes about my kids when it comes to stuff like this.

School has been out for about two weeks now and I have tried to give Stephen more time with me and out of the house.

Last week, I blogged about taking him to the bike path and he rode and I walked and we had a little picnic lunch. Yesterday, I him to one of our favorite parks that we go to yearly and played around for a little bit and we brought the lunch box with string cheese and grapes.

Then, we drove by the freebie camp that the Park District has for free and also does field trips at low cost and it had started already and we signed him up.

We have been working on eating better and being more active and Stephen was fighting this and has been getting a little better about it. He actually asked if we could have ice cream and way it and we top it off with strawberries. Yummy! I have been making Alex weigh or measure treats like this too if it's in front of my little son's face.

He hasn't been happy about it and I wish Alex wouldn't give us so much shit about the struggles with go through with Stephen. Sometimes, I just want to look at him and say how long has he been your brother? I forget that he spent three years not living with us.

I haven't really excluded Stephen from our Friday trips but one day he had just got up and yesterday he was raising hell about coming with us and I left him. I KNOW I should make him go but I just want to have a nice time. I so badly wanted to stop and get us ice cream so we could rub it is Alex's face or so badly wanted to run off and see a movie.

The fighting between my ex and I have seemed to settle down again. I don't recall if I blogged about it or not but the new wife of my ex thought I told my Dad she was (ex's) property. haha I didn't say it but for all the drama I wish I did.

Well, anyways, he tried to pull shit and talk about the divorce agreement which we haven't been following and I was a bitch and went back with other stuff he was was forgetting.

Well, I decided to be nice and offer him to keep the kids later for Father's day evening service and he happily accepted and said they would bring them home because they have to work.

I am hoping this means that he got summer route and we keep getting paid the child support through the summer.

Oh and I talked to my friend about my concern of fears about our sons hanging out and the fears of losing our friendship due to something our kids did together and she assured me that our relationship is separate from their actions and it's not going to change anything between us. I was glad to hear that because I do think that her son is one of the better options to hang out with. He is mostly on track with graduation next year and seems so smart and polite.

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