Monday, June 11, 2012

I had a much better day today then the last week. My son's went to spend the night with their Grandma and before they left my friend picked me up for lunch. We tried out a new place and she treated. It was yummy food but more importantly it just felt good to hang out and talk with her.
I have a few friends but she is the all time best friend. I can be me. I can laugh at things even when it's not really laughing material. I talked to her briefly about the whole Izzy thing and it was nice just to get that out there. I told her how my Dad has twice mentioned her (my friend) and how he really thought a lot about her.

I find it ironic that my Dad didn't have anything to say about Izzy but has mentioned my friend twice now. My husband seems to think it's cause he probably "likes" my friend. ewwww I think one thing that I am trying to accept that not everyone cares about my daughter like I do. I don't mean as if they don't feel anything for her. It's just that I worship the ground she walks on. I may or may not get upset about things but I don't think others can love her as I do.

When I was with my friend she had to stop to go potty and we ended up at a Salvation army and I got to looking at clothes. I found a pair of pants that I tried on and they were a size 16. I am down from a 22 to a 16 that fits tightly.

I came home and walked my dog and people kept stopping me to ask me if my dog runs free. One lady said people keep knocking at her door to see if it was her dog. I didn't think her dog was half as cute as mine and it proved that my dog knows how to behave by it pulling on the leash trying to bite my dog. Well, my dog isn't a fighter but she won't have dogs trying to bite at us and went for her but I took control and moved away from them.

It was funny because before the lady came up to me.. A guy started commenting about a lot of black labs and I said that's cause they are the best dogs. He asked what was so best about them. I said loyal and smart and lovable but then I had to throw in she will protect me if needed. So when the lady with the bad dog came up to us it proved my point that my dog will protect me. I love that she is like that.

I got several comments about does she run lose. I had to joke that if we gave her bus money she wouldn't go. My dogs are not the running type. We only use leashes because well it is the law and for the dogs that don't know how to behave.

Well, I better get to sleep.

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