Saturday, June 23, 2012

I had with notice asked for tonight off from work. I really only get one day off a week where I don't have anywhere that I must go. I am off on Sunday's and Mondays and on Sunday's I work for this church babysitting the children. I like it but when I add the Y to the day I don't spend a whole lot of the day with my family. Every other weekend, they are not even home to spend time with. (my kids)
We went to the neighborhood pool and we swam for about four hours. They are open for six hours and if it been slightly warmer without the wind I would have wanted to stay longer. We packed our lunch boxes with soda and water and snacks and had a really good time.

We came home and my husband and kids made a fire in our fire pit and we sat outside around the fire, with our dogs, and cooked cheeseburgers. They were so yummy. It was such a nice time to just focus on family and not work or my workout at the YMCA.

Off the subject of my day. I been doing quite a bit of reading adoption related stuff on my kindle. I just read the most horrible story so far from an adoptees point of veiw.

It's called Adopted not special not chosen by Calum. He writes about being unwanted and unloved by his birthmother and how he felt like his life was a lie when he found out that he was adopted at 9 years of age but I wonder if the hurt and anger would be as severe if he grew up with an adoptive Mother that actually loved him.

She was abusive and plain nuts and beat him to get the "bad blood" out of him. This book was only .99 cents. I am pretty cheap and trying to pick the least expensive books to read.

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