Friday, June 1, 2012

I forgot to post about my birthday. It was the 30th of May. I had a pretty good day between working and going to the Y and going to dinner. I thought the coolest part was that a couple days before my birthday I had said to myself wouldn't it be cool if Pam called me on my birthday.

Pam is a dear friend. She used to be my math teacher at the same school my son graduated from. I reconnected with her shortly after she had a retirement party. It took me a year or so to look her up when she said look me up. I thought to look her up but show weakness and I didn't want to appear weak.

I love Pam. Right before my daughter moved away I asked if I could come visit her and said I had something for her. It was my daughter. It was great.

Well, anyways, I said to myself wouldn't it be wonderful if Pam called me on my birthday. I didn't even know if Pam knew my birthday. Pam and I don't talk really often and honestly I do more of the calling and she does the hosting of our visits once or twice a year. She called me!! Not only did she call me but she was the first person to call me on my birthday.

I am extremely lucky to know her and have her in my life.

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