Friday, June 15, 2012

Second Chance Mother

I read Second Chance Mother by Denise Roessle on my Kindle. It's a true story about adoption loss going back into the baby scoop days. Each time I read a book that is based from the baby scoop era I am shocked. It's not that I felt like as a 15 year old that I had much choice but my story doesn't compare to the situations that woman in this era went through. Although, I can relate to some of her story.

It's a story about reunion and trying to find peace with herself after the reunion went sour due to her sons issues. I will be honest in saying some of the book... I wanted to say say what? Is this a joke? A made up story cause it just seemed some of it was unrealistic and just out there.

I think it's one of the best books on adoption reunion that I have read. It doesn't just show the good. It shows the ugly. I highlighted some parts that I thought I might want to blog about but at the moment I think I am just going to leave her with her website.

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