Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More on my Dad

My Dad isn't innocent in his parenting styles and sure isn't innocent in how he choose to bury the fact that Izzy was born. Even after I was in reunion where he would ask questions about her one minute she gets in on the dreaded grandchild count and the next she wasn't added and would forget her name. My Dad actually met Izzy and had more to say how he liked my friend compared to saying anything good or bad about my daughter.

My Dad excuses himself from all responsability when it comes to Izzy being put up adoption and while I don't agree with him on that.. I can't see myself trying to make him feel guilty or bad about it.

My Dad has made up for it in a lot of little ways. My Dad has always been in my life. Always calling to see how we are doing and coming over to see us. Inviting us to meet him for coffee. He hasn't been the most involved in my sons' life but he was been there and they know Grandpa.

My Dad came to my rescue when my first husband and I got in over our heads after we had our first son. He let us live with them until we paid off our bills and could afford to rent something else.

My Dad came to the rescue again when we had our second son and were close to being kicked out. He took all four of us in and we stayed longer the second time around because we had to pay the old landlord and whatever else we needed to get out again.

My Dad got put through hell from his wife who wasn't happy have "kids" living with her again. Then, I didn't see what the big deal was.. Now, I bet that was a pain in the ass having us there.

I mentioned how my Dad is very physical and I he has a bad temper. My Dad is known to get pissed and want to hit someone but his old age and health problems is slowing him down. Also, I think he came to see that his grandson's didn't want to get too close. Haha

So I guess in a nut shell my Dad isn't perfect but he is there for his kids. I can look past the past and not think of all the past. However, my Mom has checked herself out of my life and any attempt I have made to have a relationship just fails. She moved and I can honestly say for the first time I know we don't have any contact information for each other. Although, not that we can't get that from one of our other family members.

Tomorrow, Dad is having surgery for a hernia that's been there for a long time. One surgeon didn't want to do it because of my Dad's breating problems but another said it be done and they plan on not doing totally under. My Dad thinks it best that it gets done now planned than compared to an emergency surgery.

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