Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I noticed that when the subject of doing things for my kids or the best for them that I trip over my words when I say that I do this or that for my kids. Example.. when she seen my ex husband she said hell no. As in that I am a lot nicer than her cause she wouldn't have an ex and his wife at her house. I try to say that I take care of my children ect but no matter what when the term "my kids" come up I trip over my words. To say that I take care of my children is a wrong statement if Izzy is included in "the children" I didn't take care of her. In my eyes, I still abandoned her. The deal is that Izzy is my daughter but I am not her Mom. She is my child but not really one of my children.

During the party... she kept asking me why my children's grandmother didn't talk to her and does she know who she is and why does she come to a party and not talk. I didn't know why she was so interested in their grandma. She texted me and said your Mom's name is (blank) I said, yes. It turns out that she thought my ex husband's Mother was my Mom so she would have been Izzy's maternal grandmother that was ignoring her. Only it was my sons' fraternal grandmother that was quiet.

Edit. I am sorry. I meant to type when I am talking to my daughter. I feel like I can't say I do right by my kids or stuff like I take care of my kids to her. I wonder if I use the term "kids" to her am I excluding her? I would never talk to one of my sons and say kids.

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