Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yesterday, about 4 pm, Izzy sent me a text and said she couldn't make it. She wouldn't arrive back in town in time.

I knew from her post on fb that she had been shopping with her Mom, brother and one or two other people.

I suggested she could stop by late but she insisted that she wouldn't make it in time and had texted Alex and he was okay with it and we could get lunch or dinner within the week. This resulted in me having a mini breakdown and made me feel second best.

It was all a joke and my son heard all the fussing and fighting and told me it was a surprise. Then, eventually, Izzy wrote me and said "they hauled ass" and would be there but late.

I will write more about it soon about how this shook me up so bad. I like to say that I am/was at a much better place with adoption loss/ reunion ups and downs but this event reminded me how fragile I really am and it doesn't take much to crack me.

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