Friday, June 1, 2012

Someone put in "should I kick my daughter out if she gets pregnant? Sure go ahead and kick her out and let her live on the street when she is growing your grandchild. I am sure you won't mind that she may grow to resent you for a very long time. Can you risk that even if she survives and manages on her own that she might not come around with your grand child? Can you live with your guilt if she gets sucked in by an agency or lawyer trying to pay her expensive for an adoption plan?

Instead of kicking her out be there for her. Maybe, if you have reason to believe she is risking a pregnancy you can help make sure she knows how to prevent it? Trust me.. support her and your relationship has a much better chance than if you toss her out or force an adoption plan/sceme on her.

No offence to the birthmom's who go into it getting informed and came to the decision on adoption on their own.

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