Monday, January 12, 2009

I believe next school year my son will be at the same school as my daughter. He will be a 9Th grader and she should be a 12Th grader. My son knows about my daughter, but doesn't know details about her full name, only knows her first name. He doesn't know what she looks like, except from a really old picture. He doesn't know she lives about 1/2 mile from him. I don't tell him that he probably goes to school with her brother. I don't see any reason to tell him all this.
I do wonder next year, if I need to be a little more open. I don't have a clue really. What is the chance that the 9Th graders and 12Th graders will have a lot of contact. Will my son see someone that looks like me, and just know it's her. Do I want him always on the lookout for her, instead of worrying about school, and all the other silly stuff kids do. I think it would be cruel of me to tell him your sister, or Izzy who should have been your sister, is at your school. We aren't allowed to contact her.
There was some talk of having a 9Th grade class so that the high school can extend their school hours or something. If that happens then I have a little less to worry about. Part of me wishes that they go to the same school so that I have a excuse to buy the school's yearbook, and part of me wishes they don't go to the same school to spare my son of the odd chance of seeing her, and getting the shock of his life. Anyone got any advice or thoughts? Do you think boys are as good as girls at seeing the resemblance? Is honesty always the best if he ends of spending the year searching the crowds for her? Then what happens should he see her? Why does life got to be so hard?

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