Monday, January 5, 2009

growing up

My life growing up before middle school was pretty normal. My parents were married and we lived in a house they owned. Three out of four of their children were born while they were living in that house. I was the baby of the family for my first eight years. Most of my memories are playing with my older sister. Shortly after they had their 3rd child, a boy, they lost the house. We were never told why. Until this my schooling had been in one grade school. We walked to school mostly, because we were too close to be bussed.

5th grade was spent between two different schools, and another school for 6th grade. From what I could see everything was normal. Growing up my parents separated a few times, but I only have memory of two of them. Once when they got back together, and another when it was final. My sister Tiffany remembers more.

Most of my memories are from 12 and up, but the younger days memories are mostly with my sister. Also I thought my Dad was pretty mean. I am not saying he wasn’t mean, but as I get older, I wonder if I was wrong about him. My parents never talked to us about sex, or what to expect when it comes to getting a period. We used to spend some time with relatives, but these are people that my parents don’t talk to much, or perfer to not talk to. These people are referred to as crazy, but it’s funny these are the same people that my parents trusted to watch my sister and myself. By the time my brother Jeff came along, my sister and I were getting older, and not going to family anymore. Slowly we became to have to babysit here and there. I think the relatives were a little off the wall, and I am not really in contact with them, but on occasion I run into their kids.

Well when I have more time, I will continue to tell my story. Just want to give some background information.

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