Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today marks the three weeks of my daughter's parents sitting on the letter. This is the week that I said that if I thought if they would write then they most likely would do it by then. So, I am guessing that even with asking for a reply one way or another and really expressing my wishes on my boys being allowed to see a picture wasn't enough. I am angry and hurt. They could have sent me a letter saying bug off and I would have taken it better. I don't see any point in writing them again. If what I said this time didn't work then nothing will. So I will just have to wait it out. I am done asking. I really don't care what kind of excuses or fears they have nothing can make up for this. I think a very big part of me would love for them to acknowledge me and just maybe I can not feel this anger towards them. I can't believe Izzy is probably almost finished with the 11th grade. Wow! Kids grow so fast. I have a few huge fears. I fear that she could get pregnant and suffer my same fate. My biggest fear is reading her death notice in the newspaper. I mean if for horrible reason she died of illness or from a accident why would they tell me. If they don't want to share her in life why would they have death.

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