Tuesday, April 7, 2009

scrap book

I told my husband that I would like to get a few pictures of us together for my scrap book. He said, his daughter could help. He later at night, tells me that he doesn't want any of his pictures in the scrap book. He doesn't know what Izzy would do with them. Maybe she would scan them and put them online. He tells me that I should have my son's permission, before I put his pictures in there. When I told him that I asked for my sister's permission to put her child in there, he said they are my pictures and I don't need permission. I personally think if it's someone of age and they allowed me to take a picture then I can put them in the book. Any kids besides mine then I thought to ask permission.
So, he waits to late at night to pick a fight about not putting his picture in there. Even though, we have our problems, he is my husband and I wanted to include it in the book that talking about me.
He asked me did I have a picture of me standing alone with her Birthfather gone? Actually I have thought about that. Do I address my time with him in the book? That is a part of my life? Even though, adoption hurts I don't regret my time with him. However, I think somethings are better left to be discussed in person. If anyone has any advice on should I include my life with him not?
He also asked that I delete any picture of him that I have on "my normal blog" I did but I am thinking what a asshole. He helped me post most the pictures from when I first started the blog. I haven't posted any of him for a while. What really bothers me is that his daughter has posted pictures of us on his blog, and he sees nothing wrong with this. He finally agreed that I could use our wedding picture that was taken in the court house, but I don't want to now.

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